Create & Deliver Better Learning Experiences

Get the most feature-rich open Learning Management System (LMS) used by companies to develop effective training efficiently.

Create and deliver effective training programs and courses, blended learning, digital seminars and more. Whether it's gamification, H5P interactive content, personalized learning, skills gap training, or whatever else you are looking for, Flex Online can deliver.

As an open-source platform, Flex gives you full control of your own learning management system – you can customise it with the features that are meaningful to your audiences and apply your own brand look and feel.

Customizable Learning Management System

Many Learning Management Systems allow you change the logo and default colors of your site. Flex Online's modular design, HTML templates and integrated content management system allow endless site layout opportunities with hundreds of available extensions.

Each job role, no matter the industry, has a very specific set of training requirements that need to be taught and followed religiously. These can be addressed with Flex Online, a corporate training platform that enables companies to conduct any type of custom training such as compliance training, skills development, new hire onboarding and more.

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